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~ Vardy99 ~
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Tuesday, June 13th, 2006
1:45 am



Today, due to lack of sleep and studying, I couldn't go to Vardy99's live... just checked their site to see when their next live was (cause I want to see them again!)

And what do I find out?

Pon left the band today!! o______________o

And Tsuyoshi is leaving the band at the next live on the 5th.. o__________________________o


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Current Mood: confused
Thursday, June 1st, 2006
2:15 am
~Thoughts on Vardy99~
As something in the way of a livereport.. but not really a livereport... let me say that Vardy99 are looking to be actually BETTER than 華歌. Already, just in 2 lives, I can feel that they play so much better together as a team.. I don't know what the weak link in 華歌 was but, they were never PERFECT live... Vardy99 are already almost flawless and they've only had 2 lives.

Kouta is the same old Kouta but.. somehow he's grown up.. he seems more mature and confident in himself. (and is now picking on me from stage which he never used to do!! A sign he's grown some balls.. xDDD)

Tsuyoshi has SO much more confidence in himself now.. he's got more style.. and isn't afraid to let everyone know how awesome he is.

Pon is still the cutie of the band but, somehow he's going for a more serious style too. And it really suits him.. it suits the whole "mature" style of the band (can you tell I think this band are mature? xDD)

I don't remember K from Missa AT ALL... but Makoto is COMPLETELY different... I mean, I used to call him caveman cause of his outfit and giant mossy mouth makeup.. and now he's all GLAM!!

The band has.. the same elements that 華歌 had.. the things that made them unique, and that I loved about them. But their sound is SO much bigger.. and it's developed so much from the 華歌 days... The addition of Makoto (who's the leader of the band) I think has been the key figure in these changes.. They've written good songs.. they've practised hard. and I really think we can expect a lot from them.

Though I still wonder what the HELL is with the name.. Vardy double 9 is just.. STUPID!! x_x But, oh well! Can't have everything!!!
Friday, April 28th, 2006
4:57 am
And, now Vardy99 have made it onto visunavi~! Go take a look!


And I now know how to pronounce their name! It's not Vardy ninety nine.. or Vardy nine nine.. Oh no..



That amuses me.. :))))

Only a few weeks til the first live!!

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Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
3:03 am


☆ Vo. 浩太-kouta- (ex.華歌)
★ Gt. 魔琴-makoto- (ex.魅裟~MISSA~)
☆ Gt. 毅-tsuyoshi- (ex.華歌)
★ Ba. 封-pon- (ex.華歌)  
☆ Dr. K (ex.魅裟~MISSA~)  


Current Mood: excited
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